YOUTH ministry

Every church has a responsibility to the coming generation. They are responsible to share the gospel and deposit whole heartedly the word of God. This becomes the purpose NLT Youth Ministry. They have made the word of God available from the 'Crib to College'. Each age group is learning the value of having a real relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our goal is to make sure this generation will leave a legacy of righteousness for the next generation and the will leave the same for the generation following them. 

Youth Teams

NLT Youth B.L.A.S.T

(Building Lives Around Solid Truth) -Ages 12 to 18

BLAST is when the youth come together to talk about how the Bible is relevant in everyday life. This is done in a fun and casual setting, at the NLT Cafe’ or at the home of one of the youth workers. BLAST teaches youth how to see God’s hand working in their lives in every situation such as school, relationships, work etc.  The youth learn how to search scriptures for how to deal with things God’s way. 

BLAST sessions are also used for hands on activities such as Q&A with police officers about social issues, cooking classes for healthier eating and even financial courses on how to handle money. 

Join us at BLAST as we set a standard of expectation for our Christian walk with the Lord.

Soldiers of God

Children's Church. Ages 7-12

We believe the most important thing we need is to have a growing relationship with Jesus! Through this relational friendship we are: building character one choice at a time; transforming our children into spiritual champions to walk in God's vision, plan, purpose; and making our children aware of how God wants to use them as His partners in ministry to impact the lives of their friends & family.