virtual membership

We are excited about those who understand the vision of the Kingdom of God as it relates to this ministry. We have noted that in some instances, people have a great desire to play a part in this vision but live far away and cannot physically  participate.  We know that in todays society the church is no longer limited to its four walls but must pursue a global presence. This page is established for such a vision. If you trust what God is doing with this ministry and have a desire to be play a part we invite you to become a VIRTUAL MEMBER.   

What to expect as a virtual member?

As a virtual member, our desire is to make you part of our local assembly from a distance. You will have access to our trainings, teachings and pastors to help facilitate your spiritual growth. 

We will incorporate you into our Kingdom training sources and even give you access to our CGN Networks.

Our focus is to help people connect to the destiny, purpose, and vision that God has called them.  We pray and believe that your desire to play a part in the Kingdom and allowing us to speak into your life is God ordained. Thank you for trusting us. This is a mission we do not take lightly and see it has an honor to serve YOU. 

how to become a virtual member?

To become a partner or rather a virtual member is simple. Just fill out the "Virtual Membership Form" provided on this site. We welcome you and know that you will be a great asset to what God is accomplishing through New Life Temple Church. We are people called to "greatness!"