Our Vision, Mission, purpose

Vision Statement

New Life Temple Church is a beacon of light to the global community, restoring lives to complete wholeness in Christ while helping all discover true Kingdom purpose.  

  Mission Statement

Restoration to the abundant life is our mission. Our restorative mission is purposed to reach the nations and will be implemented through...(P.R.E.E.C.H)

  • Preaching and Teaching a sound doctrine of the Kingdom of God
  • Returning to the true standards of Kingdom worship
  • Evangelizing & Discipling our global communities
  • Equipping people for the work of ministry
  • Commissioning laborers to go work the Harvest with the gifts imparted to them
  • Helping restore identity & purpose to the whole man in order to serve in excellence to the Kingdom of God

Purpose Statement

The purpose of New Life Temple is to be an Apostolic Team that restores, trains & sends people to the nations in order to fulfill their Kingdom calling:

 "Lo, thou shall be called the repairer of the breach, restorer of paths to dwell in."