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"...and you've become a new person. This new person is continually renewed in knowledge to be like its Creator". 
Colossians 3:10 (GW)

NLT Church is dedicated to the building, equipping, and spiritual growth of its members and other believers throughout the world. Due to many Christians lack of Kingdom character, the late Dr. Godfrey Sr. saw a real need to expose systematic teachings of scripture to the basic believer. In the mid 70's he began a biblical training system which was called "Catechism". To avoid the confusion with the Catholic order, it was later renamed "Solid Rock Classes".  

After this training system was perfected, Dr. Godfrey Sr. was inspired to establish a school of higher learning. It was to be a school that would solidify a person in the tenets of sound biblical theology and doctrine. This school has become known as NLT Bible College & Leadership Institute. 

NLT Church's dedication to spiritual education has not been limited to just its church. Many have seen the fruit of such training and have now sought to establish schools of training in their churches. NLT's college and institute is now planted in several areas of Africa and is still building lives.

solid rock classes

Solid Rock is the bedrock to New Life Temple's biblical education program. It is through this class that every believer will discover the true nature of God, His covenants and His Kingdom. This class is a systematic study of the various topics needed by people in order to have a firm spiritual structure in their life. 

This class has been taught at New Life Temple for nearly 40 plus years and it has been credited with affecting the lives of many across the U.S. of A.  If anyone has a true desire to know more about the King, HIs Kingdom and Covenants do not hesitate to call and get more details on how this class can affect your Christian growth. Meanwhile, if you don't need much more information and know this is a class worth taking, please click the registration button below and get ready for a new experience.

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Pastor David Brown Jr. 


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Youth Solid Rock is an intensive study of the basic teachings of the bible using the same textbook, Understanding God and His covenants that the adults use. Although the book is the same, the teaching is geared with the youth in mind. Those qualified for this teaching is 12 yrs and older. Many of our youth have benefitted spiritually by this study. 

The basic goal of the course is for all students to be thoroughly grounded in the Word of God, and to understand how to have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ . 

For more information please contact:

Sister Vernie Besley

513-561-5120 ex. 100

NLT Bible college

New Life Temple Bible College is an accredited four year college where students can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in ministerial studies. It is the goal of NLT Bible College to equip the saints with the necessary knowledge needed in order for them to promote the Gospel of Christ. We also desire to cultivate people of character, integrity and excellence, which has been the standard principles of this institution since its inception.  

Through other various programs we attempt to mentor into ministry, men and women who recognize the call of GOD on their lives. This calling may lead you to get involved in various aspects of ministry and/or the development of the numerous spiritual gifts. NLT Bible College opened its doors September 2004 and serves traditional and non-traditional students from Greater Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky.                            

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Leadership institute

One of the best parts of New Life Temple's Education Ministry is its Leadership Institute. The institute is not privy to just NLT members but others who desire to attend from the surrounding churches. These classes are designed to equip the saints to lead as well as understanding the purpose for leading. 

In these classes students are expected to grow and mature in Christ. They are introduced to topics that will cause them to rethink the true nature of their calling. For more information please go to the following link: