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Archived Powerpoints

Valuing Our Place Of Honor - Pastor Ralph Jr

1. Rights & Privileges of Our Firstborn Inheritance

2. The Essentials of our Birthright Privileges

3. Embracing Our Identity

4. As a Man Thinks - Sis Angela Godfrey

5. Identity Crises

6. Uniquness of Barreness

Getting a Kingdom Perspective Series - Pastor Ralph Jr

1. Alinging Our Kingdom Perception

2. Returning to a Kingdom Concept

3. Law of the Kingdom

4. Developing Kingdom Character

5. Seek Ye First the Kingdom - Sis Angela Godfrey

6. Kingdom of Religion

7. Honoring the King

8. Worshipping the King

9. Favor of the King

Process of Potential Series - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr

1. Seeds of Potential

2. Potential Developers

3. Cultivating Potential

4. Maximizing Potential

ReInventing the Family - Pastor R. Godfrey Sr.

1. Family Matters

2. Re-Inventing Family

3. Husband Love Your Wives

4. Wives Submit to Your Husbands

5. God's View of Family

Deep Calling to Deep - Pastor Hurshel Davis Jr.

1. Deep Calling to Deep

Taking the Offensive Series - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Getting a New Disposition

2. A Radical Disposition

3. Evolution of a Warrior

4. The Defining of a Warrior

5. Preparing for Battle

6. Knowing the Enemy

7. Enemy Tactics

8. The Kingdom of Darkness

9. Weapons of Our Warfare pt1

10. Weapons of Our Warfare pt2

11. Weapons of Our Warfare pt3

12. Conquest

WHAT? - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. What is in Your Heart?

2. What is in Your Mouth?

3. What is in Your Hand?

The Power of Fervent Prayer - Pastor Ralph Godfrey Sr.

1. The Power of Fervent Prayer

2. Being Persistant in Prayer

Fruit of the Spirit - Sis. Ophelia Godfrey

1. Fruit of the Spirit

Ministry in the Home - Pastor David Brown Jr.

1. Ministry in the Home ptII

Eternal Destiny - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr

1. Becoming a Person of Destiny

2. The Value of Identity

3. Potential: Identifying the Real You

4. Purposed for Such a Time as This

5. The Path to Destiny

Influential Woman - Sis LaNora Godfrey

1.The Influential Woman

The 7 Directives of Purpose - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr

1. Purposed for His Glory

2. Purposed for Praise, Living to Worship

3. Purposed to Bear Fruit - Pastor R. Godrey Sr.

4. Purposed for LOVE

5. Purposed: Manifested by LOVE

6. Purposed to GO & Make

7. Purposed to Serve

Messges for 2015


Living Life In His Manifested Presence

Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. The Importance of God's Presence

2. The Value of God's Presence

3. Creating An Atmosphere for the Presence of God

4. The Effect of God's Manifested Presence


The Leading of God's Presence

Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Follow His Lead

2. Resting In His Presence

March 2015

Right Focus, Right Thinking, Right Results

Dr. R. Godfrey Sr.

1. For A True Worshipper

2. For A True Worshipper Part 2

3. For A Balanced Life

4. God's Harvest

APRIL 2015

Understanding An Apostolic Church

Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Understanding An Apostolic Church

2. Understanding An Apostolic Church pt 2

3. Understanding An Apostolic Church pt 3

4. Understanding An Apostolic Church pt 4


Maintaining His Presence in Marriage, Family & Singleness

Series is presented by various Ministries

1. Maintaining the Presence In Our Marriages

2. Marriage: Getting Through the Irritations

3. Maintaining God's Presence in Our Families

4. God Opened My Eyes, Single Parenting - (Sis. Phylise Hill)

5. Maintaing His Presence in Singleness


Pastor Hurshel Davis

1. The Set-Up

2. The Set-Up pt 2


Blueprints for Christian Success

Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Blueprint for Christian Success

2. Blueprint for a Holy Temple

3. Blueprint for a Solid Foundation

4. Blueprint for Redeveloping Our Life

5. Blueprint for Becoming God's Dwelling Place

6. Understanding the Essentials to Christian Success

7. Walking in the Realm of Kingdom Success

1. Following the Leading of God - Pastor Boniface Gitau

2. The Christmas Story - Pastor Hurshel Davis

Messges for 2014

Making the Best of Your Seasons - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr

Anticipation Series-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Anticipating Your Season - Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

2. Anticipationg the Prophetic-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

3. Anticipating Through the Unit-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

4. Anticipating is Preparation Pastor R. Godfrey jr.

5. Anticipating Opporunity-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

6. Anticipating IMPACT-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

Anticipating Summary


Having a New Mind Set Series-The Ingredient For Obedience-Dr. R. Godfrey

1. A New Mind Set- Dr. R. Godfrey

2. Preparing Our Mind For Action-Dr. R. GodfreY

3. God's Purpose For Us in the Kingdom-Dr. R. Godfrey

4. Equipped to Share-Dr. R. Godfrey

5. Building the Body of Christ Together-Dr. R. Godfrey

April - 2014

Impact Series by Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1.The Christian Dynamics of IMPACT-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

2. Authorizied to IMPACT-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

3. The Ultimate IMPACT-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

4. Gifts to IMPACT-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

May - 2014

A Call to Radical Hospitality-Sis. LaNora Godfrey

July - 2014

1. The Missional Posture of the Church-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

2. Our Purpose...His Nation-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

3. Making Adjustments to Carry Out God's Mission-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.


Establishing Kingdom Culture-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

1. Introducing Kingdom Culture-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

2. Identfying Kingdom Culture-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

3. Promoting Kingdom Culture-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

From Depression to Victory-Pastor D. Brown Jr.


Worship Series

1. A Call to Worship-Dr. R. Godfrey

2. A Call to Worship II-Dr. R. Godfrey

Women's Retreat Finale

Things that Hinder Us From Achieving....

Return to Worship Series

1. Becoming a Qualified Worshipper-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

2. Discovering a Worshipper's True Objective-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

3. Evolution of a True Worshipper-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

4. The Power of Praise and Worship-Pastor D. Brown Jr.

The Power of Yes-Pastor R. Godfrey Jr.

For Such a Time As This

1. Orderly Worship-Pastor H. Davis. Jr.

2. Are You Ready-Phylise E. Hill

1. The Importance of God's Presence

2. The Value of God's Presence

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